Sacha Yacu, a Quetchua name meaning “Jungle Water”, is a Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center situated in the lush Ecuadorian rainforest. The center was established on the land of the Alvarez Guatatuca family in the year 2006. Sacha Yacu works with the local Environmental Police (UPMA) and Ministry of Environment to fight against wild animal trafficking and abuse, by rescuing the animals from their dire situations and rehabilitating them at the rescue center. The family’s roots originate from the Quechua people, which settled the area hundreds of years ago. This drives the family even more to preserve the land and wildlife their ancestors once knew. Over the past six years, throughout the construction and development of the rescue, the Alvarez Guatatuca family has come to a deeper understanding of how the local people and culture impact the maintenance and conservation of the Amazonian flora and fauna. The heart and spirit that shines through the hard work of the family is part of what Sacha Yacu Rescue Center so special, and what allows it to offer such a unique experience to visitors, and volunteers.


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